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I'll make your rings just how you want them. Ask me about fair trade gold.

"Thank you so much Godfrey! The engagement ring is so beautiful. The wedding ring is just like a vine snaking around my finger. Kazuki loves his wedding ring too and can't wait until we get married so he is allowed to wear it!"
Gai and Kazuki, Japan.

moonstone engagement ring with three diamonds
moonstone engagement rings
This ring design has three diamonds and a 6mm blue moonstone.

diamond engagement rings
diamond engagement rings
This sinuous ring is available in white or yellow gold.

wedding ring set
wedding rings
The wedding rings are often wavy, to fit well next to my engagement ring designs.


About Godfrey Gardner

moonstone rings

engagement rings
(inspiration, gold working)


sapphire and diamond curl ring design
18ct yellow gold Cabochon Sapphire 'Curl' ring
with three diamonds


My engagement ring designs are based on themes from nature and the sea, so people often say I make Art Nouveau engagement rings. Well I agree my designs are certainly wavy and may have tendrils etc, but I wouldn't say that I specifically make Art Nouveau rings. The main difference is that I'm not trying to copy nature exactly - just be influenced by it and hopefully produce an organic looking result!

Godfrey Gardner at his workbench

A deposit will get your new ring underway.

You can change the size of diamonds or gemstones and type of precious metal if you'd like to, so please
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